Varga is a Canadian alpine equipment brand born in Whistler.

What’s behind the name? Varga translates to “the steepest part of a slope.” Enough said.

Varga’s commitment is to constant evolution. Through R&D and pro testing, Varga works directly with world-class technical skiers and optical engineers to produce exceptional alpine goggles. Our preference: high quality, limited production.

Varga has partnered with Zeiss lenses in Italy, and the optical engineers from two leading brands from France and California to develop its new Photokinetic lens.

Starting in 2022, 100 full-time ski pros mostly from Whistler/Blackcomb were selected to test the first generation of Vargas. These are pros who ski and train hard every day in every type of condition. The feedback gathered from Canada’s top pros has been instrumental in developing the next generation of Varga goggles. Are you ready for yours?