Introducing Photokinetic Lenses

Varga worked with the engineers behind two of the highest-rated lens manufacturers in France and California to develop its Photokinetic Lens Series. These are high contrast lenses that selectively filter wavelengths of light to enhance clarity and sharpness. Plated with our strongest anti-scratch coating for durability.

Varga Tech Specs

Impact Resistance

Impact Resistance

Peripheral Vision

Wide-Angle Lens

Scratch Resistance

Protective Coating

UV Protection


Hydrophobic Coating

Faster Water Removal

Oleophobic Coating

Fingerprint Protection


Italian Anti-Fog


Upper/Lower Air Channels

Thermofit Triple Foam

Maximum Face Comfort

Helmet Fit

Fits Most Major Brands

Silicon Strap

Secure Helmet Grip

Magnetic Lens System

Fast Change, Strong Magnets